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    In the smithy at Maskinfabrikken Esko, our skilled blacksmiths and welders perform all work within welding:

    • MIG
    • MAG
    • TIG
    • Elektrode

    Esko can help you with:

    • Welding of machine foundations
    • Cylinder parts
    • Maskine foundations
    • Consoles for further processing in machine shop
    • Manufacture of conveyor belt

    The smithy, the machine workshop and the designers work closely together on the task, from idea and drawing to thoroughly tested prototype over to flawless production.

    We would be pleased to visit you…

    Our blacksmith can also come out to visit you at your address and assess the work you would like to be done, just as we can perform the blacksmithing tasks at your location. Both blacksmiths and industrial technicians complete each step of the process thoroughly and critically (see “quality”).