Øsløs’ experience and partnership with Maskinfabrikken Esko

High quality and on-time delivery is and will always be the most important parameters for us. Esko has been our partner for many years and they have always been very good at meeting our needs – even with short notice. It is essential for us that agreements are respected and our experience is that Esko always keeps the agreements and that we can expect everything goes without a snag. We are able to perform turning and milling operations moderately well but other than that we are dependent on a reliable parts supplier. We are pleased to give Esko our best recommendations.

Bjarne Pedersen, Production Manager

Øsløs’ success story

  • Framework agreement on selected parts with day-to-day delivery means no capital tied up in stock and better planning
  • Short time of delivery and Esko key account priority

Brief history of Øsløs

Øsløs is an order-producing company specialising in stainless steel product – primarily for the food industry. As sub-supplier we focus on processing of high quality parts, express delivery and flexibility.

Øsløs performs all types of cutting, bending, welding, glass blowing and acid treatment operations.