vtc82030 Maskinfabrikken Esko has expanded the Processing Centre machine park. The Centre has invested in a large CNC Milling Machine with a capacity up to 3000 x 820 x 800mm, whereas up to now the Centre has been limited to 1300 x 700 x 700 mm. “This is a large investment for us, but we have been getting requests for machining of larger pieces from our customers for some time now, so we have made the decision to invest in improved machinery. I’m therefore proud to offer solutions to an even wider range of customer projects from now on,” said Søren Esko Nielsen, CEO. The expanded machine park also increases the volume capacity for processing smaller pieces and provides greater flexibility overall, which will benefit all of Esko’s customers.  


With Maskinfabrikken Esko as your supplier, you only need a single point of contact. We handle the entire delivery process, including communications with subcontractors and logistics around warehousing and delivery. Our delivery of supplies is an important part of your business value chain and we are committed to ensuring that our services add maximum value to your business. Maskinfabrikken Esko guarantees:
  • High delivery reliability
  • High quality
  • Professional sparring
  • Competitive pricing

It is easy to do business with Esko

“We understand the business of the industries that we supply machinery and components to. Workflows, quality and environmental requirements and specific conditions that we take into account in day-to-day business relations. We want it to be easy to do business with Maskinfabrikken Esko. You only have a single point of contact and we are with you “all the way” from design and construction to procurement of materials, processing, assembly and quality checks”, said Søren Esko Nielsen. A partnership with Maskinfabrikken Esko lightens your load and optimizes your value chain. We use our own designer which enables us to contribute to the design and construction phase, as well as during the product development phase. In case of machine breakdown and failure, we are able to draft a production drawing and produce a specific spare part within few hours.