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    News Archive

    New machine acquisition

    18. Feb, 2022|

    We have been shopping. We have made another machine purchase, this time a lathe, more specifically an OkumaLT3000 EX 2T2MY.

    Levering af nyt ERP-system fra svenske Monitor

    14. Dec, 2020|

    ”Vi havde i Esko nået et punkt, hvor vi var nødt til at træffe en beslutning ang. vores ERP-system, som trængte til en opdatering og allerhelst en udskiftning. Det var et ønske fra vores [...]

    ISO 9001 certification

    5. Dec, 2018|

    Maskinfabrikken Esko A/S has been upgraded in our ISO 9001 certification to version 2015. The external audit was conducted with great satisfaction.

    New, improved saw

    5. Dec, 2018|

    A new, improved saw has been added to our production equipment at Esko A/S: a Behringer HBE 321A. The saw provides a cleaner, more precise cut, reducing material waste and ensuring a longer service life for the saw blades.

    A safe workplace

    5. Dec, 2018|

    Safety is a top priority at Maskinfabrikken Esko A/S and we have signed a contract with Falck for annual courses, which will be provided for all our staff.