Uniform and precise turning tasks

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    CNC means Computer Numerical Controlled

    (Computer-controlled Numerically Controlled), and refers to production machines which, by means of a computer, can produce many uniformly complex parts of metal and other material, and which are programmed in a language which complies with the ISO standard.

    Turning is a machining process in machining, which in turn is a process that removes material from a workpiece using various cutting tools. By CNC turning, the workpiece rotates when machined as opposed to milling.

    Today, all turning is done in our modern CNC lathes.


    Esko has several modern, automated machines, including lathes with automatic bar charger and robot solution in connection with a multitasking machine (6-axis).

    Automation makes the process of turning and possibly also milling more efficient, more uniform, faster as well as cheaper for you!

    Our experienced industrial technicians can quickly manufacture the desired items for different purposes, different industries and in several different types of materials


    Almost everything is possible

    We have an optimal turning diameter of at least 6mm and up to Ø650 mm and can turn with a turning length of up to 2000 mm, and Maskinfabrikken Esko always has a large raw material stock, among other things for the production and processing of innumerable tasks within e.g. turning and milling.

    Only the imagination (at least almost) sets limits.

    There are almost no limits to how complicated workpieces we can manufacture with CNC turning and milling. We are very happy to help you turn your wishes and ideas into reality – quickly. And if the idea is not fully developed when you contact us, our designers can contribute with help. Precisely the collaboration with our designers means that your idea can be followed from the computer screen and carefully assessed in high 3D quality before our industrial technicians “press the button”, and production is started.

    The machine factory Esko performs everything from individual tasks to series work and framework agreements.

    See also CNC milling.

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