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    CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled, and refers to production machines which, by means of a computer, can produce many uniformly complex parts of metal and other materials, and which are programmed in a language which complies with the ISO standard.

    One of Esko’s areas of expertise is CNC machining, including CNC milling, where we produce everything from milling in series from single pieces to series with a large numbers of pieces.

    Milling is a process in machining, which also is a process that removes material from a workpiece using various cutting tools. In CNC milling, the workpiece does not rotate when machined like turning is. By milling, the workpiece is clamped in a clamping tool, where rotating tools cut off the excess material.

    We have 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers.

    The 5-axis multitasking machine can be used, for example, if a workpiece  should undergo high-quality multi-page machining with high precision.

    Our machines have a max. machining area of 700 x 800 x 3000 mm. We use some of the market’s most advanced CAD/CAM systems and use a wealth of time-saving fixtures. We are always ready with advice on which production methods are the most optimal for your production.

    We have our own designers and can therefore contribute already in the design and construction phase. In the event of a machine breakdown at your place, we can make a production drawing (CAD) in a few hours and manufacture a specific spare part using CNC milling and / or CNC turning in our production. In this way, we can minimize the time that your production must be stopped, so you can quickly get started with your production again!

    Among other things Esko produces:

    · Consoles

    · Foundations

    · Gear cases

    The processing of our customers’ items is always completed with a quality control, as the quality and customer satisfaction is essential for Esko and has been throughout Esko’s history, which dates back to 1946.

    Contact us for a non-binding offer or just to hear more about options in CNC milling, CNC turning or other machining on telephone 98180591 and for what we can do for you.

    Did you know that Esko has a specific focus on “the green profile” and has thought of this as an important part of the modernization when we took over our current factory?