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CAM machining!

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    CAM processing of items can be done either using the customer’s own 3D files, or we can make the file ready for you. We can construct a 3D file from your own 2D file.

    The digital model / drawing is then sent to the CAM software (Computer Aided Manufacturing) in the CNC machines, which with great precision by

    Our trained designers are also trained as machine workers, which gives the advantage that they know both the theoretical and the practical workflow in the process from drawing to finished product.


    We work in all types of materials and have most in stock, so we can quickly start a task.

    Steel – Stainless steel – Plastic – Aluminium – Brass – Copper – Other metals and alloys.

    Together with our material suppliers, we ensure that the raw materials meet your specifications – every time. We ensure traceability and can deliver with material certificates if desired.