See your idea on the screen as a finished product before production!

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    Our skilled constructors have extensive experience and expertise in CAD systems and can provide advice in both design and construction.

    In the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, our designers create digital drawings and a digital model of your product. In this, our designers can also design the spare part that you are missing.

    There are several ways in which the desired product can be designed and produced:

    • The customers bring the spare part that they would like to us to produce more of

    • The customer delivers a hand drawing, and our designers then make a drawing in the CAD software and send for approval to the customer

    • We visit our customer and measure the item at their own location.

    The digital model/drawing is then sent to the CAM software (Computer Aided Manufacturing) in the CNC machines, which uses great precision in turning and/or milling producing the ordered product – possibly in collaboration with the smithy.