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    Maskinfabrikken Esko produces customized components and machine parts and carries out assembly, repair and service on installations within a wide range of industries. We have a wide range of modern machinery available so we can perform most processes in-house. With 15 different processing centres and 25 employees, some with up to 35 years of experience, working in two shifts, we have both capacity and significant flexibility to handle urgent assignments. Moreover, we have a handful of preferred sub-suppliers who comply with the same strict quality standards that we also meet.

    We want to be “green”

    In the autumn of 2019, Esko moved to a new and much larger factory in Støvring.

    When we put the new building in order, we decided that it was time to think “green” and to think energy savings into the modernization of the factory.

    This resulted in: For instant vi have made a completely new heating installation in the workshops consisting of 2 pcs. new gas boiler with 10 new fans, which has resulted in less consumption of gas and electricity.

    All electrical installation has been replaced in the halls, just as new light fixtures with LED lights have been installed.

    A completely new ventilation/extraction system has been made with heat recovery. This means that we use a lot less heat and energy than we would have done with the old system.

    The compressed air compressor, air tank and pipe systems have been replaced, and the pressure has been reduced to a minimum, which provides a much better economy in relation to electricity consumption.

    The gates were replaced with new ones with electric hoists and remote control in the trucks, so it is possible to keep the gates more closed in the winter.

    We recycle pretty much all of the packaging that comes into the house from the items we buy. This applies to both boards that are sawn up for pallet packaging and all the box filling that is. This means that we have limited our purchases of plastic packaging and purchase almost only cardboard packaging today.

    • På kontoret er hele elinstallationen skiftet til LED-lys, der selv regulerer lysforbruget alt efter lysindfald, ligesom lyset er slukket, hvis der er tomme kontorer.
    • Varmeinstallationen er skiftet til et moderne gasfyr.
    • Alt vores affald bliver sorteret i forskellige fraktioner, for at få mest muligt ud af affaldet, ligesom det giver en meget bedre udnyttelse af de forskellige ståltyper. Dette er godt,- både for vores pris for stålaffaldet, men så afgjort også for genbrug af stålet og klimaet.
    • Vi har skiftet til en lokal distributør for afhentning af oliekemikalieaffald for at mindske transporten. Ligeledes har vi skiftet nogle leverandører ud til lokale for at spare transport.

    Vidste du i øvrigt, at:

    • Stål (metaller) er et ”grønt” produkt, i den henseende at når det produceres og bruges rigtigt, så er der ingen reelle alternativer som er ”lige så gode”
    • Stål kan genbruges uendeligt – uden det bliver dårligere – og mindst 73% af stålet genbruges

    Maskinfabrikken Esko has special expertise in these industries:

    • Maritim/offshore
    • Cement and concrete
    • Refrigeration system
    • Construction machinery and hydraulic parts
    • Furniture
    • Special machinery
    • Foods
    • Textile
    • Grafical

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    Customer testimonials

    We have challenged Esko within many areas. Be it urgent deliveries or complicated parts. The distance between Denmark and Norway is not an issue when it comes to times of delivery. Esko takes the initiative to a good, flexible and constructive teamwork where challenges are met as they arise.
    Brian Søe Valde, Project Manager, Prosess Industri
    High quality and on-time delivery is and will always be the most important parameters for us. Esko has been our partner for many years and they have always been very good at meeting our needs – even with short notice. It is essential for us that agreements are respected and our experience is that Esko always keeps the agreements and that we can expect everything goes without a snag. We are able to perform turning and milling operations moderately well but other than that we are dependent on a reliable parts supplier. We are pleased to give Esko our best recommendations.
    Bjarne Pedersen, Production Manager, Oslos Denmark