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    Esko A/S produces customer-specific components and machine parts and carries out assembly, repairs and service on plants within a number of industries.

    We have an extensive and modern machine park at our disposal, so we can carry out most processes in-house. With 16 different machining centers and 28 employees, some with up to 35 years of experience, spread over two shifts, we have both great capacity and considerable flexibility to also handle urgent tasks. In addition, we have a handful of permanent sub-suppliers who meet the same strict quality requirements that we work to ourselves.

    Find a brochure about some of Esko’s competencies by clicking here.

    Esko A/S are specialists in processing workpieces in:

    • Stainless steel
    • Steel
    • Iron
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Other metals and alloys plastics

    The items we manufacture have a uniform quality with very high accuracy and precision.

    We have the most modern CNC machines/multitasking machines in our machine shop and also have a blacksmith shop with experienced and highly skilled employees.

    2023 –  apprentices and green transition

    Our focus in 2023 is on continued growth and development of our machinery and our competences in good company and in tandem with the green transition, including waste sorting and recycling.

    You can read our climate report for 2023 here .

    This year, we continue to work focused on the goal of taking our turn when it comes to training new industrial technicians.

    Partly because we in the industry in Denmark have a great shortage of skilled industrialists, but also because our experience is that apprentices provide the “fresh breath” that keeps us on track when it comes to the latest knowledge within our profession.

    Maskinfabrikken Esko has special expertise in these industries:

    • Maritime/offshore
    • Cement and concrete
    • Refrigeration system
    • Construction machinery and hydraulic parts
    • Furniture
    • Special machine plant
    • Foodstuffs
    • Textile
    • Graphic

    News from Esko

    New machine acquisition

    We have been shopping. We have made another machine purchase, this time a lathe, more specifically an OkumaLT3000 EX 2T2MY.

    Customers say

    We have gradually challenged Esko in many areas. Be it urgent deliveries or complicated items. The distance between Denmark and Norway means nothing in relation to delivery times. Esko takes the initiative for a good, flexible and constructive collaboration, where challenges are solved as they arise.
    Brian Søe Valde, Project Manager, Prosess Industri
    Svanehøj Danmark A/S has traded and not least cooperated with Esko A/S for a number of years. Where we are challenged in our daily life, Esko A/S solves this for us, from urgent tasks to service/development as well as our daily deliveries to production, where we have high demands on quality, tolerances, technical solutions etc > We are very satisfied with Esko A/S’ employees, whom we regard as good business partners.
    Johannes Christensen, Senior Sourcing Specialist, Svanehøj Danmark A/S
    High quality and on-time delivery are and will be the most important parameters for us. Esko has been our business partner for several years and has always been very good at meeting our needs – even at short notice. It is very important to us that agreements are respected and our experience is that the agreements are always kept at Esko and that we can count on it all to fit like a glove. We can turn and mill for house needs, but are otherwise dependent on a good, reliable supplier of items. We can only give Esko our best recommendations.
    Bjarne Pedersen, Production Manager, Oslos Denmark